We are the distribute Lovol,Landini,mitsubishi,Yanmar Tractor , Sakpattana,KMD,Yanmar Harvestor and Flying star dryer.

Machine Service

Our service team support the techenical service, pre maintanance , in warranty service and over warranty service the tractor and harvestor sold by our company.

Spare part Department

Our company is full aware that spare part is the most important thing for our business. We provide 100% genuine part from our suppliers and offered with the best price to our customer. The customer can placed the parts order directly to our main office spare parts teams at any time or they can be easily gets it in our sales branches when it is the seasonal times.

Contract Farming

Our Company provides contract-farming business to our farmers. This will help them to develop into their land on behalf of the farmers. This is also great help for the farmers who cannot handle the whole farming process.